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Commercial PA Systems

At PCS, we design and install commercial-grade public address systems. In auditoriums, and throughout your entire facility, we can install the equipment you need to make your PA system easy to use.

Your Houston PA System Experts

You may want a public address system that enhances safety by sharing announcements. You may need a system that provides low-level background music throughout a wide area.  Whether you’re installing a system in a shopping mall, convention center, campus or other large space, it requires audio system professionals to design in a way that all of your goals are met, and reliability and clarity are maintained throughout your broadcast area.  We can recommend the best equipment and layouts to make operating your system convenient for you, while providing the maximum benefit for your audience.

How It Works

Even if your venue is smaller, we’ve got solutions for you.  School auditoriums, churches, smaller conference rooms and other spaces can utilize smaller-scale PA systems to great effect.  Talk to us today about your PA system goals, which may involve any of the following equipment:

  • Amplifiers
  • Distributed Loudspeaker Design
  • IP Paging Systems
  • Speakers
  • Constant Voltage Systems
  • Large Scale Loudspeaker Arrays

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