K-12 Schools

Technology in K-12 Schools

In today’s competitive environment, students need every edge they can get, and teachers need the most effective tools possible at their disposal. That’s why many schools are integrating the latest in technology into their classrooms. We’re able to design and integrate easy-to-use audio/video systems to bring classrooms into the 21st century.

Visual Tools

Projectors allow you to create a large video display very affordably. If you need a projector or a projection screen, we can provide a professional installation. If you have existing projectors with antiquated analog interfaces, low resolution, or insufficient brightness for the ambient lighting conditions, we can give recommendations for an upgrade. With Smartboards, you can take education to the next level. These interactive displays allow teachers to present material in new and engaging ways, and help students learn to brainstorm, interact, and share information in real time.

Audio Integration

A few of the ways we’re able to upgrade your school’s audio:

  • PA Systems and Intercoms: Replace old and crackling speakers with new speakers that allow you to communicate intelligibly to your students.
  • In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers: Play audio from various sources including computers, Blu-Ray players, and more.

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