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Higher Education and Technology

Learning styles are evolving. Students and teachers prefer to use their personal devices everywhere they go, and they want it to be easy to interface with each room in which they work. We work with institutions of higher learning to create reliable, robust and future-proof AV systems. The technologies are simple to learn, manageable to support and make rooms easy to use. From highly intelligible audio systems and all-in-one video switchers to best-in-class interfaces, we can create rooms to serve your needs.

Engaging Lecture Halls

Lecture halls serve a specific class type with dynamic needs. Each room is unique in its seating arrangement and architecture, and some may be paired with a sound booth. In order for this facility to be effectively used, it requires a wide variety of AV technology to easily facilitate instruction. There may be multiple visual displays or different podium positions, but in order to be a modern lecture hall, these spaces must be able to handle all types of mobile and personal devices. A recent trend in lecture halls is outfitting them with surround sound systems.

Multiuse Event Space

Multiuse event spaces serve the university community as well as outside groups – all with different sets of needs and requirements. With divisible walls, moveable furniture and installed and portable AV systems, these flexible spaces provide a unique experience to room users with a great demand on technology. In order to be effectively used, multiuse facilities require a wide variety of AV technology, lighting and control capabilities to easily facilitate instruction, conventions, performances and more.

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