About Us

Network Cable Design & Installation Professionals

As an experienced network cable design & installation company with extensive local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) experience, PCS has successfully completed nationwide technology roll outs and presently supports locations across the United States. We are experienced in cabling infrastructure, A/V, security, and network integration.  We understand that cabling is a long term investment, therefore the need for reliable cabling infrastructure. From start to finish, we specialize in the complete design, installation, and maintenance of cabling infrastructure, A/V, security, and network integration projects.  We are capable of fulfilling virtually any criteria specified by our clients.

Certified Building Industry Consultants

Our goal is to provide unequaled, quality services that meet the demands of fast pace, constant changing environments, while maintaining a fair pricing structure. Because we are committed to total quality management within the communications industry, PCS is a member of CEDIA and InfoComm, and has joined Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI) as a Corporate Member. With BICSI Certified technicians on staff, we are firmly positioned to accommodate your communication requirements with the industry standard certified solutions. This enables us to provide superior expertise in new infrastructure design work as well as retrofits of existing structures with "state of the art" communications technologies.



OSHA 30 Certified